Master Mendez

Master Mendez has done and studied Taekwondo for over 20 years. He is a former national and international competitor for the United States of America. Master Mendez also earned a bachelors degree in the Sciences of Education and is the coach of current USA Taekwondo National Team Members. In 2012 Master Mendez was awarded the 2011 Developmental Coach of the Year award by the United States Olympic Committee and USAT (the official governing body of sport Taekwondo in the USA). Master Mendez teaches all Taekwondo classes and is the creator of Styles United’s education curriculum.

Mr. Silva

Mr. Silva has been a Taekwondo practitioner since the age of 14. While growing up in Brazil, had participated in many interstate tournaments, and to this day, still an active competitor as a member of the Styles United Sparring Team. Currently he is a licensed Massage Therapist, which he applies his expertise in the field of Sports Massage, injury prevention and rehabilitation, among other modalities. Mr. Silva assists in teaching traditional and sport Taekwondo classes.

Mr. Gervin

Mr. Gervin started practicing Taekwondo at the age of 10 and earned his first black belt at the age of 15. After an extended absence, he once again embraced Taekwondo under the guidance of Master Mendez. He is currently an active participant in the Styles United traditional Taekwondo curriculum with his wife and kids and is working toward his second black belt in 2012. With Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in mechanical engineering, he is a regional manager / sales engineer for a motion control and automation company. He also enjoys coaching youth soccer and baseball for his children’s sports teams. Mr. Gervin assists in teaching traditional Taekwondo class.