Birthday Parties!!!

  • Birthday parties are held at STYLES UNITED. Birthday parties can go for 2 to 4 hours. A huge blow up bouncy house is included for all birthday parties and events!!! Contact Mr. Mendez for more details!

Holiday Parties!!!

  • During specific holidays, events are held for all students. These events are filled with food, games and tons of more fun for all participants!

Belt/Kub Tests!!!

  • Belt tests are held accordingly to all qualified students. Belt tests are open to all students and any willing spectator. During belt tests spectators will get a peek into all aspects of the Taekwondo martial art.

Summer Camps!!!

  • Summer camps are held from 9am-3pm throughout certain weeks during the summer season or school vacation. Summer camps include Taekwondo training, educational activities, movies, games for all participants. Contact Mr. Mendez for more details!

School Picnics!!!

  • STYLES UNITED picnic is held yearly in the spring. The school picnic is open to everyone and is filled with tons of food. Raffles plus fun and games for all children is also included!

Movie Nights!!!

  • Movie nights are held occasionally for all students. Movie nights are normally held on Saturdays during the evenings and go for about two hours. At movie nights students watch a movie and are provided with pizza at the end!

Buddy Weeks!!!

  • Buddy weeks are held occasionally, during buddy weeks students are allowed to bring in relatives or any friend to join them in our Taekwondo class throughout that given week!

Yearly Banquets!!!

  • Our yearly banquet is an annual party celebrating STYLES UNITED and its students. It is normally held in the fall season. This is a formal event and is held at a location other than our studio!