Welcome to Styles United Transformative Martial Arts. The goal of our webpage is to provide you with useful information about our school and the type of martial arts training we provide. Below you will find a brief description of what we have to offer. More prominently you are welcome to stop by our studio to participate in or observe any of our traditional Taekwondo classes. See our class schedule for exact times. Feel free to roam around our webpage, be sure to check out our photos and videos in the appearing drop down menu when scrolling over the media tab. Enjoy our site!

What do we offer?

At Styles United we currently offer sport Taekwondo training for our studio’s sport Taekwondo team and traditional Taekwondo classes for adults as well as children at least 3 years of age. Through traditional Taekwondo training adults will receive a high calorie burning full body workout. Our traditional Taekwondo class is the ideal workout to improve your cardio, strengthen your body, and with a healthy diet, lose weight. Our traditional Taekwondo class is also family orientated, so if you are looking for an activity to share with your family, this is the place for you!

For children, our traditional Taekwondo class will not only improve character, physical ability, or discipline and educate them, but it will also develop their mental ability. We train with an emphasis on helping our students achieve their academic goals. Our master instructor’s high level of martial arts training and professional background in education enables him to provide a unique style of training aimed at developing within his students’ philosophical thought and social consciousness. During their martial arts training students are stimulated intellectually through social interaction and small assessments from our full year education curriculum. It is Styles United’s desire to provide its students with the life skills that will lead to prosperity and self fulfillment.

Styles United is also the home of some of our nations top Olympic Sport Taekwondo athletes, our studio is continuously developing USA Taekwondo (the Official Governing Body of Sport Taekwondo in the United States) sparring national champions. We are Connecticut’s elite Taekwondo athlete development center. We strive to improve our students’ athletic abilities through sport Taekwondo specific strength, conditioning and agility training. Our sport program(s) also includes training for poomsae (forms/patterns) and board breaking competition.

What makes Styles United unique?

Here are a few out of the many things that makes Styles United one of a kind. Styles United is the only martial art studio with an education curriculum that aims to improve character and increase the chances of our children becoming successful in life. Styles United’s Taekwondo classes are taught by a certified academic teacher with a bachelor’s degree in the sciences of education. Styles United is also the only studio in Connecticut getting their athletes on the USA Taekwondo National Team (TEAM USA) for Olympic style sparring. We are the only studio in Connecticut with the highest level of coaching certification that can be obtain by USA Taekwondo and the United States Olympic Committee. Styles United has a convenient location that is calm and an overall peaceful environment. Styles United offers unlimited traditional Taekwondo classes and it’s education curriculum for one affordable price with convenient payment plans as an option. Simply the best Taekwondo training at the best prices.